Many years ago I came across a book at the local bookstore called “The Five Love Languages” and I spent the afternoon reading the book from cover to cover. Today, social media philosophy centers around the love of our customers. This brought me to ask you, “Do you know what the 5 love languages of your customer”?

People are finicky, I know, because I’m one of them. I see a dress at Banana Republic and I want it badly, but I don’t have time to walk in, try it on, and most likely purchase it. Two weeks later, I’m back in the neighborhood, and the dress I was crazy about has lost it’s appeal to me. But one thing is constant, though. Banana Republic continually sends me coupons into my Inbox, which encourages me to make purchases on a monthly basis. Talk about customer loyalty: they know how to keep me coming back. I love dresses and every week I am shown the latest styles, most recently a Trina Turk collection. Trina Turk dresses fit me well, and I don’t need to try on the dresses, since her dress styles are true to size. So what do I do? I bought several tops and shorts and a dress! Thanks Banana Republic for sending me valuable coupons and keeping me posted on the latest styles!

I was lucky to sit next to Mari Smith at Corporate Social Media Conference in San Francisco. Mari Smith is genuinely a kind,approachable person, we had a chance to discuss how she could add value to B2B’s with her social media training on Twitter, Facebook, and Relationship marketing. After speaking with her, I headed home and jumped onto Slideshare and thought how appropriate it would be to add her slides on Relationship marketing. The slides I’m sharing here focus on how you can improve your own branding and set yourself apart online. I’d love to hear your stories about how your brands show you the love and keeps you coming back for more!