A Social Media Consultant is essentially in charge of the entire social aspect of your company. This a very important position because they will literally direct all of your company’s social interactions. This can range from creating website content to managing a Facebook page or designing twitter hashtag campaigns to setting up Pinterest contests. It would also be beneficial for them to have experience writing white papers, blogs, articles or case studies about the specific trends in your business field. Basically, you want someone who is knowledgeable about your company and has the ability to market your voice well.

In addition to your Social Media Consultant having a thorough understanding of your business and the ability to be your eyes, ears and voice online, they need to have certain personality traits to thrive in this job. Unfortunately, you may run across a few arrogant, know-it-all candidates, or at worst perhaps a few who are dishonest or downright sneaky. Obviously, this could do more damage to your social media marketing than good so people like this should be avoided. Ideally, a great Social Media Consultant would display both humility and integrity.


Humility is a crucial trait for every Social Media Consultant to have. To have humility means that a person is humble and has a modest view of themselves or their accomplishments. It’s the total opposite of being arrogant which is an undesirable side effect that success can bring to a person. A humble Social Media Consultant would also be much more open to learning from their peers or competitors. This is a crucial trait in this field because social media is constantly evolving. If a candidate has no humility or is a know it all, they won’t be receptive to new information and in turn could become stagnant in their craft.


Having integrity means that a person is honest and has strong moral principles. This is a critical trait for a Social Media Consultant to have because it means you can trust them with the company’s information and marketing campaigns. The last thing you would want is to entrust all of your social media accounts to someone who could not maintain your company’s integrity. This could result in a negative online presence and a bad reputation for your company. Not to mention, once you develop a social media marketing plan, you wouldn’t want your consultant leaking that information to another company.