My life is a wondrous journey.

I am pleased with the pathway my life takes. In an average day, I experience some unexpected twists and turns in the road. I accept these alterations for what they are: unplanned events that bring wisdom, understanding, and sometimes even joy, elation, and wonder.

My life is amazing!

I am blessed to have people who respect me, love me, and look forward to seeing me. I create a comfortable environment to relax in at home and a motivating atmosphere that allows me to be productive at work.

My home and work spaces draw me in and make me feel connected to others in incredible ways. Although I am unable to predict the paths my life takes on any given day, I can say without hesitation that my life is truly a wondrous journey.

Sometimes, I am unaware of the choices I should make or which path to take. Yet I accept this knowledge.

I see diversions in my life as necessary to my journey. Just as the traveler who is pleasantly surprised by an unexpected turn in the road, I notice the wonders that I encounter when experiencing unplanned events.

Today, I vow to notice the fantastic and incredible elements of my day. I plan to experience everything with exuberance and joy. My life is an awesome journey and I want to be aware of each moment to experience the wondrous events.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel about my life?
  2. Am I willing to embrace the diversions in life and find something wonderful about them?
  3. What can I do to ensure that I see my life as a journey that is worthwhile, no matter where it takes me each day?