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Social Media Marketing is not a quick “get rich” fix for your business.  Most small business owners, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs skip the strategy and dive right into developing an online presence that is not branded properly, cohesive, scalable, measurable and lack engagement which impact overall results. I am an advocate for social media, especially education and training to empower, equip and exciteyou about the potential positive results which you can achieve thru the use of social media tools.

How I work:

Learn to Get Social Online Today!  I understand how you feel – everyone is online tweeting, facebooking, networking on Linkedin, and then there are other channels like Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.  Fact is, while there is a time commitment early on, managing and maintaining your social media presence is possible….with a plan!  It’s never too late to learn how social media can help grow your business, enhance your online presence and sustain important relationships with your customers, clients, peers and partners.

1. Define Goals and Objectives = Strategy

  • After we get past the WHY of social media, blogging, etc.

2. Several Strategies may run concurrently and We will get into the Strategy, plan and tactics:

  • Big Business goals
  • Website goals
  • Email Marketing goals
  • Social Media Marketing goals

If you are not happy with your current results, or in need of education, training and help with strategy, setup and implementation, then it helps for me to know what personality type you are:

Which personality type are you?

  • Done for you
  • Done With You
  • Do It Yourself

Depending on any of the options listed above, you will be taught how to implement and manage your day to day social media, while building trust and credibility and growing your communities.  My methodology involves a process: Assessment, Strategy Development, Setup and Implementation, Education and Training and on-going monitoring services or advisory role.  You are involved in all the details, and will receive a visual outline and a road map of a personalized marketing strategy and implementation plan, including platforms and complimentary tools.

I also offer Al-a-Carte Services.

Learn how you will benefit working with me here.

The early stages of strategy and planning is a process-oriented approach and requires an investment of your time and financial investment; consistent Engagement with me is crucial.

Learn how I can help solve your problems with viable solutions:

  1. Schedule a time to meet with me online (or click on the Contact button below or the top tab)
  2. Please share your Wants and Needs: Complete the Online Marketing Questionnaire for a  complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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3. Address

  • Who = audience (First, Secondary)
  • What = content? Blogging? Video (Vlogging)? Podcasting? Guest bloggers, etc.
  • When = decide how often to blog, email updates to list, day to day social media engagement
  • Where = investing time on specific channels and activities (depending on response from your online activities) i.e. participation in Tweetchats or Google Hangouts
  • Why = What is the value proposition you are offering which ties into what you want to accomplish
  • How = will you demonstrate the value proposition? (blogging, social media, etc.)
  • Content Marketing = Develop amplify content; syndicate content, leverage Twitter Ads, Facebook Boost or Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Outbrain, News engines etc.