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What I believe about social media:

  • Play for the long game – You’re not going to have instant, overnight success. Success takes time and tenacity.
  • Social media is not one size fits all – What works for one company may not work for you.
  • Systems don’t mean cookie cutter – I have developed a discovery system to help determine your audience, goals and strategy. Your answers determine the contents of your system.
  • Social media systems bring results – If you approach your social media marketing with a cohesive strategy, you’ll
  • Don’t be ruled by FOMO – In social media, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest shiny platform. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t) be on every platform.

Services offered:

Maybe you need a combination of services you see below. Contact me and we’ll put together a customer package to fit your needs.



We clarify who your audience is, what your goals are, and determine the tactics that will help you reach your audience.

  • Develop an ideal customer persona
  • Learn how to attract and convert your target market
  • Articulate your business goals
  • Determine most effective social media platforms.
  • Develop a content strategy plan
  • Sync messaging across all channels for great impact

The result ⇒

You’ll stop wasting your time and efforts.



We’ll create a system for you with the best platforms and take advantage of the automation process.

  • Develop systems to automate, leverage and get more done
  • Create branded social profiles
  • Get training on the platforms that you need
  • Get help hiring people to manage your social if needed

The result ⇒

You’ll have a social media plan of action that you can actually sustain with your available resources.



We’ll use analytics to tell us what we’re doing right and what we can do to improve your results.

  • We’ll set up a system that effectively measures analytics, goals, KPIs and results
  • Your goal: to stop flying by the seat of your pants and get targeted, measurable results

The result ⇒

You’ll have a social media plan of action that you can actually sustain with your available resources.

The tactics:

Set up profiles

Integrate with platforms and tools

Create social media calendar

Determine day to day activities on all sites

Twitter maintenance

Hashtracking tool

Scheduler for past content

The tactics:

Performance overview:


  • Orientation & navigation
  • Twitter directories
  • Twitter lists
  • Managing followers
  • Language & culture
  • Twitter ads


Using the scheduler to post

  • Fan engagement
  • Events calendar
  • FB ads
  • Reading/interpreting FB insights
  • Integration of other apps


  • Groups
  • Creating ripple effect


OnlyWire (bookmarking) (content publishing)

OneLoad (video)

Organizing Chrome & Firefox with apps & extensions

iPhone & iPad apps

Hootsuite technical training

Learn how to connect with your audience through targeted advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.