The creative freedom in how I can develop strategy and interact with my clients.

I’m constantly learning, testing and tweaking so that my clients receive the benefits of tried and true strategies and tactics without wasting any time nor deal with frustrations. Clients don’t have to deal with troubleshooting- I enjoy solving problems(research solutions, figure things out) which spares them from frustration.

I crave and thrive when I can be autonomous in my approach to how I work and play.

I don’t see my role as “work” but as an artist using my skills and knowledge as a creative outlet to solving problems.

As much as I enjoyed working in the high tech industry, I truly enjoy the freedom to express my talent, skills and knowledge to develop systems, processes and procedures for each client that helps them function better and enjoy their business and lives.

Social Media Marketing is in a constant state of flux and hard to keep up with the ongoing changes to platform features or trends. It’s overwhelming to those who aren’t organized or tech savvy or they lack the time to learn best practices so end up winging their online marketing plans. This approach doesn’t generate ideal results. Moreover, often most don’t have the proper branded presence which can confuse a customer, no way to manage their time, content, or measure results so Managing social media can be one ugly mess!

I enjoy organizing a company’s or small business owner systems and develop a strategy that is feasible to implement and measure results. Better yet, it’s a system that anyone can step in to.

Most of my time has been spent setting up online marketing systems to create a seamless, cohesive workflow for executing social media strategies and complimenting website visitors / email list growth. Having a system in place allows anyone to spend the “right time” and focus across social media platforms, leveraging tools to pre-schedule content, engage, to cross promote content and measure how people are responding real time to your brand.

I have trained teams to step into a system so that there is no overwhelm, there is intentional and purposeful mindset and approach to their work, knowing what to do day to day, weekly maintenance and monthly review of analytic reports.

I enjoy learning and invest in conferences, workshops and online courses thru MarketingProfs, Social Media Examiner Society, Shaw Academy, Google, Hootsuite University and NewHouse University related to growth marketing hacking (online marketing, social media, inbound marketing, content marketing, and SEO) that they equate to several degrees!

My Combined knowledge and hands on experience is to shorten your learning curve, and offer viable solutions and strategies that we can implement quickly and efficiently.

You’re not getting just a social media strategist, but a business systems architect that can help organize your marketing flow so you spend your time on the right activities (not the minutia) and see results.

I’m a social media strategist and trainer and offer social media coaching, How to training, and operate as your exclusive social media manager.

I have a process that entails looking at big picture of you and your business, where you are at now and where you’d like to be. This might mean that I would be the bearer of the good, the bad and the ugly feedback and suggestions.

I work within your budget so any issues that come up can be sorted out over time.

I have a network of talented people who I can tap for WordPress support or website overhaul, a copywriter, a brand strategist and designer especially if you’re looking to do a overhaul over your entire business, check out my team here and feel free to contact them directly for your business needs.