Social Media Training

I’m super excited about the opportunity to teach a social media webcast providing women professionals an overview of the social media landscape, platforms and tools on May 17.  I will also be sharing effective ways to manage your day-to-day social media activities and the importance of social media planning and scheduling, so that you can spend quality time engaging and nurturing your relationships. I will provide examples on how to leverage hashtags to increase impressions, retweets, and mentions within the Twitter stream, thereby growing quality followers.

There are many layers to social media; the key thing is once you have a strategy, goals and objective in place, then you can determine the effective and efficient method to share your content, get more eyeballs and traffic to your website, grow your online communities, and at the same time, provide quality content and communicate with your community.

A few years ago we would spend so much time logging into multiple accounts (uploading videos to multiple sites and submitting content to various sites) but now there is a way to effectively manage your social media, so you can schedule quality time online within all your communities.

There is an investment of time spent building the foundation of your social media infrastructure and connecting your profiles to various platforms and tools. Some people wing their social media, so I will share the importance of planning and scheduling some activities, as well as using a calendar to remind you of some of the important, mundane maintenance that needs to get done but is beneficial to your online presence. Last, but not least, is measuring and monitoring your efforts.  I’m a big fan of tools; these tools will help facilitate “mentions” within Twitter,grow ideal, targeted Twitter followers, research keywords and hashtag to make the most out of your blogs, tweets and Facebook posts.
I’m not the only one teaching social media and online marketing webcasts. You will have the privilege of listening in on some of the most amazing women influencers in the social media realm. They will graciously be sharing their expertise on Pinterest for Marketing, LinkedIn strategies for women; Influence and Social Media, Branding, and more.
I invite you to sign up for the free Social Media Boot camp which will begin May 15, 2012. The Social Media Boot camp site will offer you a free level, and 3 other levels where you get more goodies depending on what you invest in.  You also have the option for a 15 day trial run for $1.00 and I urge you to review the various membership packages.
You will be listening in among the experts: Ann Evanston, Laura Rubinstein, Kathryn Rose 
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