I’m sharing a presentation that offers an overview of the social media landscape, platforms and tools and examples of social media planning and maintenance for women professionals and entrepreneurs. If you provide content in forms of blogging and video, you would benefit from learning where you should have an online presence, and the tools to help syndicate and publish your content such as OnlyWire for bookmarking and OneLoad for video syndication.  Additionally, I shared a list of Twitter directories and Influence sites (Kred, Klout, Peer Index) which can be used to GET FOUND and or as a tool to seek and target ideal individuals by industry, title or location; a template of social media planning and scheduling; a list of free press release submission sites and more.

Social Media has evolved so quickly these past few years that most people are often overwhelmed and unsure with the process of establishing their online presence, how to manage their relationships online with social media management platforms and what tools to use to plan and schedule or measure and monitor their online activities.  This presentation lays out the foundation of a social media infrastructure for a person who blogs, uses videos, and submits press releases.  It’s a good start to develop a daily  habit of socializing online and learning how to manage your social media properties.

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