One of the most common reasons for resisting social media marketing is the feeling of overwhelm and confusion.

What are your social media woes today? Are you struggling with developing a strategy? Social media management (winging it?), or not sure what and how to measure and monitor?

Building a solid social media infrastructure with platforms, tools, starts with identifying your goals and objectives (for the year, broken down by quarters, but remain flexible to accommodate trends and changes); a plan in……volving tactics, technical know how, content marketing strategy, Online research (identify target market:who needs solutions you provide, where are they located,what keywords are they using to find solutions to their problems)

Be available real time on Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn groups/answers, Quora, and commenting on blog posts. This sets you up as a person who is knowledgeable, experienced and cares about helping people (Businesses) succeed.

Using the information you discover through your research will offer you ideas for content creation and deciding to communicate those ideas via a blog, video, or podcast. Compliment your post with strong hashtags and learn which ones have a high reach on Twitter thru and create a list of key hashtags

Plan out your week requires some thought and insight into your audience (customers, peers, trends), Schedule timely and relevant posts that speak / relate to your customers, append appropriate hashtags;

utilize a calendar to manage your time effectively: conduct hashtag research and create a bucket list; conduct adwords keyword research for words to use in your headlines, categories or tag words; create content in advance,schedule social media maintenance, and weekly measure/monitor your result. These steps are essential for social media management. It requires a time commitment (investment) and is not considered an extracurricular activity.

Sometimes all you need is someone like me to develop a blueprint or roadmap that outlines your steps and help you organize your social media infrastructure; build out a calendar that includes tools to
(a) seek/target Twitter followers
(b) mention people on Twitter
(c) use Klout and Kred to honor your followers
(d) use Facebook apps that honors Fan of the week (I have several apps that do that for me) this starts conversation, a tactical way to grow your list, offer a giveaway to nurture relationships
(e) bookmark content that publishes to multiple sites

The key thing here is the methodology I use PCP (Persistency, Consistency, Patience) not that you have to do all these things daily, but that you schedule it into your calendar and leverage submission tools, social media management tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial, and know best times to share announcements, events, posts

When it’s scheduled (your normal day to day work, social media maintenance, social media engagement and you have a road-map for the week that aligns with your goals and objectives you will see how manageable it is and you will experience results). Be patient with the process of establishing relationships and getting results. Apply my PCP methodology and hang in there – you will see how things will unfold and spin into a life of its own, making your life and the life of your business exciting!