Social media has made many, many businesses a tidy profit. It is like sending everyone a postcard to keep them up-to-date on the business’s big news. Social media is like talking to a friend. So, when a friend pops up and whispers in their ear that so-in-so company just got in a hot new clothing line, it inspires giddy feelings. That sensation follows them right to the store. That’s the power of social media. While social media is an extremely effective tool for businesses of any size, it’s not exactly a perfect science. Navigating the social media waters is time-consuming for the inexperienced; there are too many bumps to hit that halt the marketing’s forward momentum.


Many businesses and their employees are under the mistaken impression that using social media as a marketing tool involves posting content on all social media platforms. That is just not true. Utilizing all social media platforms is like playing darts. Some of them are going to hit the bull’s eye and others damage the drywall. Why not just choose the ones that score points?

Choosing the Wrong Platform

The flip side is selecting the wrong platform for a business. For example, a cookie bakery seeking to embark on the social media train would be best suited to Pinterest. Pinterest is the most visual of the present social media platforms. Thus, a cookie replica of the Eiffel tower can easily be seen and found by those looking for interesting cookies. That same picture would not generate the same buzz on Facebook nor be accessible to those not already on the business’s friend list.

Ineffective Content

Whether a business makes the mistake of over extending its social media presence or chooses the wrong platform, the content placed on the platforms can make or break the effectiveness of the marketing tool. Businesses can duplicate content, post content that does not suit the business’s brand and even create content that does not appeal to their audience. Even choosing the wrong types of content can stop the perfect social media storm from developing.

Whether a business made one of these three common social media mistakes or just not getting the desired results in 2020, it is the perfect time to generate a Category 5 social media storm. How? Hire an expert to guide the business’s social media efforts.