How to Write Your Business Vision

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Every business needs a vision. A vision is like the big daydream you have in the middle of the afternoon after paying all your bills. It's about sitting on the balcony of your beachside resort room watching the sunset while [...]

How to Demonstrate Respect without Opening Your Mouth

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According to anthropologist Edward T. Hall, up to 60 percent of all human communication is non-verbal. Understanding this fact will help you learn how you can demonstrate respect to others without ever opening your mouth. This is a great skill [...]

What’s the Difference in Owned, Paid, and Earned Marketing Strategy?

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When you are choosing different marketing strategies to implement when marketing your business, it’s important to understand the choices you have and how they differ. You essentially have three choices when it comes to marketing, namely "owned," "paid" and "earned" [...]

How to Become a Master Delegator

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Delegation is an important skill for any business owner to master, but it’s especially important for small business owners who have very little time and extra money to devote to bottlenecks, accidental duplication of efforts, and missed deadlines. If you [...]

Different Types of Business Insurance to Consider

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It’s never fun to think about insurance. But it’s a huge necessity today. You want to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family from loss if something should go wrong. It might be hard to imagine anything [...]

Seven Ways to Nurture Existing Customers to Increase Sales

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One of the most important assets you have is your current customers. It’s much less expensive to keep your current customers and turn them into repeat customers than it is to go out and find more customers. This is not [...]

What You Need to Know about Your Competition

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Your competition delivers a similar product to yours, to the same audience as you do. Studying your competition will help you deliver a better product or service to your audience than if you don’t know anything about them. Your business [...]

Five Tips for Creating a Positive First Impression

By |2021-02-04T13:13:20-08:00February 12th, 2021|Categories: Business|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Whether you work from home or work in an office, sometimes you have to conquer the dreaded business meeting. The best way to do well at any business meeting or event is to focus on creating a positive first impression. [...]

How to Stop Overcomplicating Things and Letting Your Assistant Handle It

By |2021-02-04T13:11:47-08:00February 10th, 2021|Categories: Business|Tags: , , , , |

Many business owners have a really hard time letting their assistant handle various tasks. This is because many business owners have the feeling that if they let their assistant do things they will lose control. Additionally, they feel like no [...]

Are You Leveraging the Right Resources to Grow Your Business?

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Marketing your business with online content is the ultimate way to bring traffic to your website. You can use articles, newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, FAQs and more to help bring traffic, but there are ways to do it [...]

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