3 Things a Social Media Consultant Can Do For Your Business

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Are you frustrated with lackluster social media marketing results? Are your efforts disorganized and sporadic? Do you feel like you have too much to do and too little time? All of these are important reasons to consider working with a [...]

Must-Have Mobile Technology for Business Owners on the Go

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Having the right technology on the go will save you time, reduce frustration, make a better professional impression and help avoid potential disasters. These are some of the must-have tools for every business on the go. ==> Portable Laptop Depending [...]

Live Chat — Can It Help Your Business Increase Conversion?

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Live chat is a tool that can drastically increase conversions for certain businesses. It’s not for everyone, but for the businesses that could benefit the gain can be dramatic. Case studies have shown that conversions can increase by as much [...]

Offline Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Website

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Millions of people use the internet each day. It is a wonderful proving ground for testing new strategies for growing your online business. But, what about using offline marketing strategies to promote your business? When you run a business from [...]

Membership Sites — Why You Should Have One

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Are you looking for ways to maximize your business or create another stream of income? Try a membership site. It is not easy, but it can pay off in many ways for your business. Why do people seek out your [...]

Copywriting: How to Write Saleable Copy

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When the word “sales” comes into business conversation, many people claim that they do not like it or that they are no good at it. Writing copy that closes the sale can make some people uncomfortable. Unfortunately, if you aren’t [...]

3 Common Ways Businesses Screw Up Their Social Media Marketing

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Social media has made many, many businesses a tidy profit. It is like sending everyone a postcard to keep them up-to-date on the business’s big news. Social media is like talking to a friend. So, when a friend pops up [...]