A motivated employee or freelancer will often do more, for less. They’ll put in more hours, pay more attention to details, speak up on your behalf and all in all be an all-star for your business.

How do you motivate your employees and/or freelancers? Here’s how.

==> Acknowledge Quality Work

When someone gives good work, acknowledge them. The more public the praise, the better. Always strive to praise in public and criticize in private.

Don’t give empty praise. In other words, don’t praise something unless it’s really praiseworthy. But also don’t pass up the opportunity to praise good work.

Employees who feel valued are more likely to do valuable work the future.

Loyalty is usually not “bought” by money, but by recognition.

==> Interact with Integrity

In order for employees and freelancers to feel motivated by you, they need to truly respect you. Their respect for you is earned in large part by integrity.

Pay your freelancers when you say you’ll pay them. When you make a promise, make sure to hold up your end of the bargain. Hold a high bar of ethics and values for yourself.

You also need to make it clear to your freelancers that you expect the same of them. Make it clear that lateness isn’t tolerated — for business reasons, and also because that’s just not how things are done with you.

Be a person of integrity. Interact with your employees with a sense of value and integrity. This will really contribute to creating both respect and motivation in the workplace.

==> Let Them Know What They’re a Part Of

What are your employees helping you to create?

Engineers working at firms like Google or Facebook aren’t motivated just because of the money. They’re motivated because they believe they’re helping to change the world. They stand for something, and that creates a huge sense of accomplishment.

What does your company stand for? How are you changing the world?

Even if you’re selling a “mundane” product, you’re still solving problems for other people. If you’re a dentist, you’re helping others live pain-free lives. If you own a restaurant, you can take pride in helping people create delicious moments.

Stand for the impact you have in the world. Convey this pride to your employees and freelancers. Let them know what they’re a part of.

==> Be Positive!

This sounds simple. And it really, actually is simple: people love to work for positive people.

Smile and bring optimism to the workplace. Be positive about where your company is, about who you’re working with and about your company’s future prospects.

Positivity is infectious. If you’re positive, chances are sooner or later it’ll catch on with your employees.

Do these four things and your organization’s overall motivation level will shoot way, way up.