When it comes to the success or failure of your business, being organized and staying motivated can be two deciding factors. In fact, these two topics can go hand in hand. Here are some reasons why being organized can help you stay motivated and, therefore, lead to business success.

  • When you are disorganized, you can feel frustrated and easily lose the motivation to work your business. You may lose data such as when projects are due or even your client’s email address.
  • If your office is messy, it can be anxiety inducing to set foot in it. Seeing the clutter and chaos can remind you of everything you need to do but keep putting off. Eventually, you may stop working all together.

In fact, being unorganized is one of the leading causes of procrastination. When you procrastinate, you are intentionally putting off a task that you know needs to be done. This can lead to stress, ill-health, and financial despair.

However, there is a flipside to all of these problems. Finding an organization system that works for you will help you stay on top of your tasks and keep you motivated. You will know when projects are due. This alone can help you stay motivated. When you are organized, you will easily be able to find your client’s contact information. You will no longer feel defeated when you enter your organized office. Instead, you will feel refreshed and ready to work.

There are two basic ways to stay motivated. One is through traditional paper planners and the other is through digital or electronic planners. It doesn’t matter which type of system you use. The important thing is to find one that you enjoy enough to keep using.

If you prefer paper methods, you may want to consider a planner that showcases the week on two pages. That way, when you open up the planner you can see your whole week at a glance. You can use highlighters to highlight various types of tasks.

For instance, all of your family obligations can be highlighted in blue, administrative tasks can be highlighted in pink, and sales and marketing tasks can be highlighted in orange. Using a method such as this will allow you to instantly see the types of tasks you will be working. Depending on the type of digital planner you use, you can color code activities in a similar manner.

If you decide to buy a digital planner, you may want to consider an all-in-one smart phone. These devices combine a cell phone with a digital planner. You can make and receive phone calls, read and send email, and keep track of your schedule.