How to Stop Overcomplicating Things and Letting Your Assistant Handle It

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Many business owners have a really hard time letting their assistant handle various tasks. This is because many business owners have the feeling that if they let their assistant do things they will lose control. Additionally, they feel like no [...]

How to Become a Master Delegator

By |2021-07-16T13:53:29-07:00July 20th, 2021|Categories: Business|Tags: , , , , , , |

Delegation is an important skill for any business owner to master, but it’s especially important for small business owners who have very little time and extra money to devote to bottlenecks, accidental duplication of efforts, and missed deadlines. If you [...]

Which Is Better – Concentrating on One Project at a Time or Multitasking?

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As a contractor you’re likely to be working on many projects together simultaneously. You might have five to ten clients with various projects at different stages. But, is it better to focus on one project at a time or multitask? [...]

True Freedom: Make Your Summer Business Plan of Attack Your Year-Round Approach

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Over the last little while, I’ve shared a few tips on getting more done with less time and obviously, our focus has been on keeping things together through the many wonderful distractions of summer. But keep in mind, the approaches [...]

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