If you spend much time researching successful home business strategies, you will come across the term “outsourcing”. This term refers to the act of paying a service provider to complete a task.

Outsourcing some of your tasks allows you to spend more time on tasks that earn you money. Chances are you do not earn money by answering your emails or updating your website. You more than likely earn money by marketing your website and promoting your product or service.

If you currently spend 10 hours per week answering emails and another 10 hours per week writing and distributing articles and press releases, imagine what you could do with those 20 hours if you hired someone else to complete those tasks.

Many types of tasks can be outsourced. Some of them include:
* Answering emails
* Returning phone calls
* Research
* Writing and distributing articles
* Writing and distributing press releases
* Bookkeeping
* Recruiting and managing affiliates
* Finding people to be interviewed for your podcast
* Finding joint venture partners
* Editing audio
* Transcription

Not only can outsourcing allow you to earn more money, it can also allow you to save your sanity. You are one person. You cannot handle every aspect of your business and have a personal life at the same time. If you try to control everything, you will end up being over stressed. Your business will no longer be something you enjoy. And you may end up losing interest in it all together.

By outsourcing some of your tasks, you will be able to have more leisure time and will be able to take a break from your business. If you and your family decide to go on vacation, you can leave your business behind for a few days without worrying. Your assistant will still be attending to your emails, your marketing efforts will not suffer, and you won’t need to carry your laptop with you at all times.

Start outsourcing one or two tasks at a time. As you have more money to use toward hiring others, you can increase the number of tasks you outsource.

You may also find that outsourcing will help you with your motivation. Some people procrastinate when they have tasks to do that they do not enjoy. By having someone else do these tasks, you will find that you will be making more money, you will have less stress, and you will have more passion for your business.