This one hour-long presentation is about Facebook to drive engagement and market a small business. The speakers will discuss some simple changes you can make today to increase your audience and drive more conversation, engagement and views on your company Facebook page. They will also cover 5 common facebook faux pas you should phase out.

Topic of discussion: 1. 5 ways to get more likes on your company page 2. Updates that help drive likes, comments and shares 3. 5 things you should stop doing on Facebook

They provide examples, tips in action, and talk to Mark MacPhail of Chairs Limited about their recent success driving engagement on their Facebook page. Speakers: Gillian Wesley: Gillian started with her husband two years ago as a hobby blog to share their experiences around Nova Scotia. Their travels struck a note with locals, expats and visitors, and today she is a full-time blogger. Gillian is a lover of all things social media and is a strong supporter of the buy local movement. On February 1st, 2013, she launched the MadeInNS Initiative aimed at helping small businesses increase their online profile. This webinar is part of that initiative, with a goal of helping small business learn simple tools to help increase the effectiveness of their social profiles. She also just launched a video webinar on responsible travel which can be viewed here. You can follow Gillian online at: Twitter: @GillianWesleyNS Facebook: The Local Traveler Youtube: TheLocalTravelerNS Instagram: The Local Traveler Pinterest: Local Traveler NS Vine: The Local Traveler LinkedIn: Gillian Wesley Moderator — Jim Cyr: Jim is an early adopter of the latest tech trends. Most notably, he was one of the first in Atlantic Canada to produce a podcast when arriving to Nova Scotia in 2005. Jim then spent his time building the profile of geocaching within the parks systems in the Maritimes. Recently, Jim has been focusing his time on YouTube where he has accumulated over 1.4 million views mostly in the tutorial and outdoor segment and contributes to Nova Scotia’s Tourism Blog and outdoor vendors such as Delorme & Keen Footwear. You can view his blog and vlog segments at You can follow Jim online at: Twitter: @TheCyr google+ :… youtube: Mark MacPhail (Chairs Limited): Mark MacPhail is a Partner with Chairs Limited, a made to order chair manufacturing company located in the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth. Mark has a technology background, having worked as a Technical Sales Representative in the Industrial Automation Industry for 16 years prior to joining Chairs Limited in 2005. Having both a sales and technical background, has given Mark a head start in applying tools from the Internet into business applications, and has resulted in a major project to overhaul Chairs Limited’s Website and Social presence. You can find social links for Chairs Limited, along with more information on their products here: Chairs Limited


0:25 Introductions & Housekeeping 2:30 Is Social Media Important? 4:07 Facebook – A few Key Things 5:31 On Using Social Media To Push A Message 7:10 General Tips 9:40 Build Your Following 14:02 In Person Solicitation Example 14:39 Driving Engagement – Question Posts 19:10 Drive Engagement – Visuals 24:20 Drive Engagement – Participation 27:00 Good Times To Talk Shop 29:50 Engagement – Be You And Be Useful 32:03 Things To Limit 38:20 Sample Posts 41:58 Accounts To Follow 43:00 Q&A and Discussion

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