6 Step Blogging System

You know you need to blog. Either you need to write a post for your current blog, or you need to start a blog in the first place. Maybe you have compiled a ton of amazing resources and topics related to your niche, are you having a lot of personal knowledge. Your computer is working fine, you have the time set aside, and you have even picked out an awesome name for your blog post.

So why aren’t you blogging?!

Human beings are some pretty funny creatures. We are predictably unpredictable. So even though it does not make any rational sense that you are not blogging, it makes a lot of “real world” sense that you are not. If you won’t get started blogging even though you have all of the pieces to the puzzle, there is a simple solution.

You need a system to follow. 

When you have a system (the human brain loves systems) your fears, doubts and other rationalizations tied to blogging or not blogging fall harmlessly away. And there is a simple reason why.

Human beings turn conscious effort into unconscious and automatic habit after 21 to 28 repetitions. When you do the same thing at roughly the same time in pretty much the same way, for 21 to 28 times, you program your brain to do what it does best … automatically perform a particular action when it sees certain things it recognizes from past behavior.

Your brain is the most incredible computer ever created. And because life would be absolutely daunting and unlivable if you had to consciously think about the millions of choices you make every day, your brain learns to automate many of them.

When you want your room illuminated, do you consciously think about flipping a light switch? Of course you don’t. You just do it. When you zip a zipper, tie your shoelaces, brush or comb your hair that certain way that you always do, there is no conscious thought applied to those processes.

That automated brain skill is going to be applied to your blogging as well.When those days come where you just cannot get started blogging, even though you have everything at your disposal to do so successfully, turn to a system you have created for just this situation.

Set aside a couple of hours one day to do nothing but research in your niche. If you are already an expert in your field, simply brainstorm. Do not worry about grammar, just jot down anything and everything that you find which is related to your particular niche. Then take a little time to organize this mound of resources into sensible subsections. When you just can’t get started blogging, follow this 6 step process, based on your research.

1 – When it comes time for you to create a blog post, write down 3 or 4 questions that prospects in your niche frequently ask, which you discovered in your research.

2 – Choose one of those questions as your blog post. Let’s say you decide to go with “why do I always gain back the weight I lose from dieting?” as a blog topic. Your headline would be “Why do you always gain back the weight you lose from dieting?” or some variation.

3 – Without pausing, thinking or worrying about the answer, immediately copy and paste your headline into Google.

4 – Choose 3 to 5 answers to that question that you find in the search results. For example, you may have found …

  • Your diet was starving you, not giving you enough calories.
  • You have emotional reasons for eating that cannot be fixed with any diet.
  • You forgot that proper nutrition was a lifelong habit, not a 30 day diet plan.

5 – Those 3 answers to the question “Why do you always gain back the weight you lose from dieting?” become 3 paragraphs. Expound on those answers, and you have 3 really good pieces of information for your readers.

6 – Add an introduction for your first paragraph, a summary for your closing, those 3 paragraphs in the middle, and you have a blog post.

Follow this “don’t think, just do” process enough, and it will become automatic. When you automate the process, you will find yourself blogging before you even know that you are taking action. And when you harness the power of your incredible brain to unconsciously follow a system it has seen before, you will never again suffer from the indecision that keeps you from blogging when you know you should.