I love Foursquare (as a user) and I believe it is a powerful tool for retail, spas, doctors, restaurants, and consultants to attract, aand foster relationships by  offering incentives and rewards for their loyalty.How Foursquare work:   a person “checks in” and then offers a tip and or review on Foursquare, when they share it, it will distribute that tweet/post to their network within Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. I have mine defaulted to both communities. As a user, I am influencing my friends and followers where I shop,dine, get my skin care products and hair style…so as a business who is fortunate enough to be on Foursquare, they should reward loyalty to these people who check in, offer tips and reviews by first and foremost

1. “Acknowledge” them by thanking them publicly on Twitter – people love to be noticed
2. Offer a reward of some kind like a coupon or a freebie like an appetizor, or 20% off services or products
3. Set up Hootsuite and integrate Twitter, Facebook Page, Foursquare, then be sure to follow and file them in a list (you can create the list on Twitter or on Hootsuite)


You WANT to keep tabs on them, and be sure to engage with them by Retweeting, Mentioning them (use FollowFriday.com tool or FBParis.com/followfriday) and remind them to come back.

Another way to make them your Foursquare fans special is to let them know publicly via Twitter and/or Foursquare that you posted something special on your Facebook page just for them! Offer a group discount on a meal, free round of drinks; something for 5 of their friends that way the person gets kudos for having something fun to give his friends, this will create excitement about creating plans together. Your special can encourage them to “check in with Foursquare,let us know to redeem this special group offer.

Here are some offer ideas:

  • offer them a free drink with an entre order
  • offer group pedi discount
  • 20% off products or services (spas, facials, etc.)
  • group shopping discount if they purchase an outfit, or a dress (i’m throwing out ideas)

Hope this offers you some insight as to how to leverage Foursquare checkin’s and using Hootsuite to manage feeds, updates on Twitter AND Foursquare. Let me know if you have any more questions and check out my Local Marketing Services Page.

Original question posted on Quora Social Media Marketing: Foursquare: How would you use the twitter and location info of Foursquare tip-givers as a marketing tool?