Mobile Marketing Misconceptions

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Today I want to go over the common misconceptions about mobile marketing. Maybe you have some of them. I hope that I can help dispel the rumors and help you make the right move forward. Your Business is Too Small [...]

Tips for Making Your First Mobile Marketing Campaign a Success

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Most of the tips below are similar to any type of marketing tips. Mobile marketing requires you to be even more focused in regard to the message you want to send, as well as being clear about the tools you [...]

Incorporating Social Media into Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

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So far we've talked about why mobile marketing (MM) is important, the types of mobile marketing you can use, the misconceptions about mobile marketing, how to carry your brand from web to mobile, as well as how to build your [...]

Forms of Mobile Marketing

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Hi again, I hope you had time to digest the information I gave you last time. We're going to dive right in and talk about the various forms of mobile marketing that exists today. Consumers are often seeking information on [...]

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