Today I want to go over the common misconceptions about mobile marketing. Maybe you have some of them. I hope that I can help dispel the rumors and help you make the right move forward.4-a-confused

Your Business is Too Small — Even small businesses need to have a mobile friendly website as well as a mobile marketing strategy. The smallest beauty shop, store, or web business can benefit from mobile marketing technology. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, or you have a bricks and mortar store, mobile marketing can grow your business.

It’s Too Hard to Create a Mobile Website — Many business owners feel Weblike they have to create a mobile website that is exactly like their regular website but that’s not true, you can create a mobile friendly website or version of your website that gives mobile users exactly what they need and want. You can also create a responsive website that has code inside that loads based on the information it receives from the customer’s device. There are many WordPress themes that are already mobile friendly.

4-b-costlyMobile Marketing is Too Expensive — Currently mobile marketing is less expensive than traditional PC marketing. It’s really wide open in terms of what you can accomplish with a small budget. Don’t discount it until you do your research. Since consumers who use mobile technology are more likely to buy your return on investment will be higher too.


SpamYou Will Seems Like a Spammer — Just like a customer signs up for your email list, they will sign up for your mms or sms lists. It is permission based marketing. You offer an easy to understand sign up form that explains what to expect and you offer an easy way to opt out too.



Close up hand holding smart phone with Mobile marketing word andMobile Marketing is a Waste of Time — People liked to say that about social media too, but look how that has exploded. If you don’t engage in social media marketing today, your business is dead in the water. The same can be said for mobile marketing. It is a necessary addition to your marketing mix due to the high proliferation of consumers using the technology.



Technology in the hands

My Audience Doesn’t Use Mobile Technology — Are you sure? Did you research this notion and know it to be fact? More than half of mobile users are over 35 and even people who do not know how to use a computer are using mobile technology via tablets.

Remember, mobile marketing is an addition to the marketing that you already do. It is not an either or situation. You can start by at least making your website mobile friendly. Study the response before you take it further. But, by all means, do not ignore mobile technology. Mobile technology will outpace traditional PC technology as time goes on.

You don’t want to wait until everyone’s doing it to start implementing mobile marketing into your marketing mix. Like with social media, if you are ahead of the crowd you’ll reap most of the benefits. This has been true since the web became popular. Being an early adopter of new technologies puts you in the fast lane, ahead of the curve, which is exactly where you want to be when it comes to mobile marketing.