So far we’ve talked about why mobile marketing (MM) is important, the types of mobile marketing you can use, the misconceptions about mobile marketing, how to carry your brand from web to mobile, as well as how to build your mobile mailing list and create mobile friendly emails. Now we are going to talk about how to incorporate social media into your MM campaigns.

Mobile marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. More consumers use mobile technology to access social media than they use PCs. People use social media while they’re on-the-go, and our society is on-the-go more than ever in history. Therefore, incorporating social media and mobile marketing is really rather simple.

Pretty much all social media offers a downloadable app that allows the consumer to access it via their mobile device. This makes your job a lot easier since people already have access. Now, it’s important for you to realize that many people are likely reading your social media updates via mobile devices, all you have to do is react accordingly.


Telephone flat icon set, vectorLink to Mobile Friendly Sites — When providing links to products and services or information on social media ensure that your links are mobile friendly. It’s disappointing to see a link, click it, and go to a site you cannot even read on your mobile device. Optimize your site and landing pages for mobile now.



Make the Link Choice Clear — Provide only one link if it’s in text because it’s hard to get your finger to click a link if there is more than one choice too close together. Since most of the links will be in the form of text and not buttons on social media it’s important to make it simple as possible.


Engage With Your Audience — Ask the audience on social media for feedback in your call to action. “Share this”, “Click this”, “Comment”, are common calls to action that you can use. Be specific about what you want your audience to do, why you want to do it, as well as when and how you want them to do it. It will pay off by encouraging your audience to interact with you more.


holding tablet computerFinger Tapping is Hard — For many using fingers to tap information can be difficult. Mistakes are often made when trying to tap letters into a search engine, especially if you’re on the go as a passenger in a car, or on a bumpy bus ride. Include commonly misspelled words into your search terms for best results.



macro of male hands typing on a laptopTest Predictive Text — Find out what the predictive text is suggesting to your searchers when you start to search for something using the keywords that you’ve determined work for your target audience. You may discover keyword phrases that work better for mobile this way.

The fact is, mobile technology is outselling and outpacing traditional PC technology by leaps and bounds. You need to build a mobile friendly online presence now. Don’t wait around. At first, you might have two websites, one mobile and one not, but eventually everything will need to be mobile friendly, that is the future. With mobile technology being adopted at 8 times the rate of PC technology, I’d say unequivocally that the future is now.