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Ever wonder how you can get new customers to your venue and stay connected to your current customers? If you are a restaurant owner, run a Spa or Retail store, most likely you are on a limited budget, not sure what options are available to you, and are strapped for time to even begin investigating and creating a marketing plan for your business.  Most small businesses do not even have a marketing plan and are hesitant to spend any money on any type of marketing, because no one ever tells you the value it can bring you if you do this or that….

More over, Location based marketing and social media is often ignored or dismissed by small business owners, most often due to lack of knowledge or technical “know how.”

You’ll get:

  • a Copy of “Make Your Connections Count” book (a $24.00 value)
  • Worksheet and Step by Step Outline to get found locally (a $125 value)

My online consultation includes a Do It Yourself (DIY) and technical training which will cover simple actionable steps you can take TODAY to:

  • Get your business found locally (via mobile or search engines)
  • Expand your reach (tips to optimize your local listings and social media platforms)
  • Attract your ideal clients & customers (with exciting and fun offers, incentives, etc.)
  • How to leverage FREE social media channels and platforms; FREE geo-location tools to stay in touch with your customers, and create fun incentives to bring in existing and new customers
  • I will also cover what social media platforms work best for local businesses, time management tools, strategies and tactics. I will give you a roadmap and outline of steps to take TODAY, and how to plan your online marketing activities with tools and resources, taking the ambiguity out of the equation!

This  is a process oriented approach and requires an investment of  time, effort and money; Engagement is crucial. Request a proposal today 650.534.2624 or complete out the contact form.