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I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. I offer social media strategy, consultation and technical training for small business owners and professionals who are in HR, Sales, Recruiting, Business Development, and Individuals who need help with their social media presence.

I also help entrepreneurs who are Business coaches, Authors and Speakers. A majority of my consultation and training have been conducted via Skype, StartAMeeting, and other online tools.

What sets me apart from other social media consultants is my deep understanding of building social media platforms that are aligned with your business and marketing strategies, integrated with tools, easily managed and able to monitor and measure your results. Call/Email me today!

  • Ana Lucia Novak - success in high heels
  • Ana Lucia Novak - success in high heels
I’ve been fortunate to work alongside affluent leaders, (the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley: Oracle®, SAP®, Palm®, Adobe®,Excite@Home®, Electronic Arts®) and many hot startups affording me an invaluable experience in marketing, sales, business development, human resources and operations.

During my time in these high tech companies, I have always been the “go-to technical” person showing others how social media platforms, channels and tools work in order to effectively implement social media marketing strategies, including WordPress management and maintenance.

I spend most of my time consulting, training and advising clients regarding best practices, trends, platforms and tools as it relates to their online marketing and social media strategies. This Includes day-to-day project management, planning and program development, supporting their innovation and business development efforts.

Professional Social Media Services!

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I provides several social media services and programs:

      • Do It For You
      • Do It As You
      • Do It With You

This includes:

      • Social Media strategy and implementation services
      • WordPress and Blogging best practices
      • Consulting to expand their brand presence and increase customer connections through social media, blogging, and various internet marketing platforms.
I have co-authored “Success in High Heels”, (Christine Marmoy)  “Making Your Connections Count” (Thrive Publishing, 2011) available on Amazon.

Tighten up your social media strategies, improve your online presence or need help managing your social media programs?

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