Work With Me Benefits

//Work With Me Benefits
Work With Me Benefits 2016-11-02T05:58:50-07:00

There is an art to managing and monitoring social media – do you feel strapped for time or that there is too much technical stuff to learn? The benefit of partnering with me are many:

Access to my knowledge and expertise on social media
and online marketing strategy and tactics

Shorten your steep learning curve:

  • Learn how to implement social media across all channels, integrate online marketing tactics
  • Ability to focus on your over-all business goals and come up to speed quickly
  • Learn what to measure online weekly, monthly, quarterly

Selecting the proper platforms and tools

  • Time Management: plan, prepare, and schedule your content in advance
  • Get Real Time Analytics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Learn how to read Google Analytics
  • You are clear about who to reach out to online, see how your community are responding to your content
  • Ability to monitor people, trends, events, tweetchats,keywords, i.e. your own specific goals

Technical training will help you come up to speed
on each social media channel

  • Learn which social media dashboards and tools help you cultivate great content and share it with the proper community at the right time
  • Discover channels that will give you fodder for blog posts, video or podcast ideas
  • Discover Tweetchats to participate and develop new relationships and influence others
  • Stay on top of new trends, best practices, tools

I look forward to partnering up with you and getting you up to speed –  Schedule a time to meet with me online  and       Complete the Online Marketing Questionnaire for a  complimentary 30 minute consultation!