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Social Media Training is crucial for you to learn how to implement strategy and utilize these channels as an extension of your personal or professional brand.

Contrary to perceptions of social media, you don’t have to be online all day, my training session will teach you effective ways to manage your time, while having a robust online presence through some automation, a routine that is easy to commit to, and practicing effective engagement practices.

Your training modules are personalized and customized based on your knowledge, technical abilities and over-all objectives and goals.  Social Media is an excellent tool to showcase your expertise, help you connect and foster relationships with ideal employers, customers, and continual web traffic to your website.

My aim is to help you understand and manage social media effectively and efficiently so that you are

  • Set up for success and able to set up your profiles right the first time
  • Your profiles are synced with appropriate tools for measurement and monitoring
  • Develop a content calendar; Where to find content and use tools to publish them to appropriate sites
  • Know how and when to use Hashtags
  • What engagement looks like on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • What tools you can use to manage your time effectively, to measure your results, to monitor trends

As you become well versed with social media best practices, you will evolve as a power user and know how to tweak your strategy and tactics to get the results you want.

It takes time to establish an online presence, to attract and retain followers who become your friends, clients, and prospects. The foundation of your social media platform when set up properly, will help you manage your time, focus on key individuals, able to participate in tweetchats, G+ hangouts, and have a fun lifestyle.

Below are some of the customized training sessions I have taught for my clients:

Social Media Platforms

Overview of Social Media Platforms, Tools, Technology

  • Review the latest platforms, stats, how businesses and people are using each channel
  • Tools – how to manage day to day, monitor and measure
  • Best practices for each channel
  • Marketing mindset and Approach


  • Overview of Hootsuite; Orientation and Navigation
  • How to customize your social media management dashboard with custom tabs, streams
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Insight
  • Use the scheduler features, autoschedule
  • Apps to curate content and publish
  • Blogging from Hootsuite

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube Training

  • Orientation and Navigation
  • Setting up profiles, optimization
  • Linking to appropriate tools for monitoring and measurement


Technical training, orientation and navigation for

  • Twitter Tools, Facebook Apps and Tools
  • Social Media dashboards: Crowdbooster, SproutSocial, MarketMeSuite
  • Pinterest and Pinterest Tools

Basic and Introduction to WordPress (Self Hosting) Website – here is a partial list of what I will help you with:

  • Technical Training, Orientation and Navigation of WordPress Dashboard
  • How to add a blog
  • Upload photo, video
  • Installing plug-in’s:
    – social sharing and follow me icons
    – SEO for WordPress by Yoast
    – Google XML Sitemap
    – Google Analtyics
    – Author Profile
  • Weekly maintenance of site

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