Face Your Weaknesses to Find Your Strength

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What is the fight or flight syndrome? When our brain interprets a situation and tells us that we are in danger and we have two choices, either to stand and fight or to flee from danger, that is known as [...]

How to Make a More Positive Impact on Your Own Life

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Have you ever felt that you do so much for so many but then there is you - the one person you don't too all that much for throughout your busy life? Well, you can certainly do something about it. [...]

Courage is the Willingness to Try Again

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When you think of courage, you probably think of fierce warriors or men dressed in battle uniform. Perhaps you envision a woman battling disease or someone fighting a good fight on behalf of another. However, courage comes in many different [...]

The Art and Style of Self Confidence

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Have you ever noticed an individual who was self confident, not necessarily to the point of arrogance, but just that it came naturally for them? Some individuals have no real issues with self-confidence. Do you often wonder why that is? [...]

How to Develop a Success-Focused Mindset

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The truth is, the more focused you are on success the more likely you are to experience it. Most of you have probably heard of "The Secret" where they espouse the idea that putting out positive thoughts into the universe, [...]

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