Social Fresh Advanced Facebook Ads


Facebook has given more ways to access that audience than any online advertising option before it.

On Facebook there are 15 total ad targeting categories, many of those with several sub-categories. Learning which of those to use and how is a tough challenge for many marketers.

Social Fresh Facebook Advertising Report showed that many marketers are underutilizing some of the more powerful targeting options in Facebook ads. And targeting is just one small piece of the Facebook ad process.

The missed opportunity for most marketers is huge.

Social Fresh is happy to host the Advanced Facebook Ads 2012 conference on June 19.

They have pulled together 22 of the top Facebook marketers and companies in the world.

They have one goal — to help you understand Facebook ads better than anyone else out there.

Better than your customers…

Better than your coworkers…

Better than your boss!

To Register, head over to Advanced Facebook Ads 2012 Website and  enter “SOCIALFRESH” to apply the $150 coupon code at check out.

Join ALL 22 Of These Live Sessions

June 19th to July 13th

Don’t worry, if you cannot see a live session, you will not miss the content.

Every live presentation will be recorded and available to replay for 6 months.

Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to any and all live and recorded content.

Here are all of the live presentation topics:

  1. Translating Goals into Ads Targeting – Justin Kistner
  2. Sponsored Stories That Create Lift – Jeff Widman
  3. The Facebook Ad ROI Equation – Matt Monahan
  4. Creating Killer Facebook Ad Images  – Merry Morud
  5. Facebook Ad Split Testing for Success – Jordan Franklin
  6. CASE STUDY: Doubletree — Eco-Tip Campaign – Diana Plazas
  7. The Facebook Ad Secret is Sponsored Stories – Marty Weintraub
  8. CASE STUDY: Groupon — Real Time Deals – Hussein Fazal
  9. CASE STUDY: HubSpot — B2B Lead Gen – Dan Slagen
  10. Driving Webinar Leads with Video Ads and More – Amy Porterfield
  11. Facebook Ads in the Entertainment Industry – Dan Benyamin
  12. CASE STUDYS: Driving Fan Growth – Tim Bosch
  13. Community Managers Should Use Facebook Ads – Chris Tuff
  14. CASE STUDY: Smokey Bones, Sexy March Madness – Mark Unger
  15. CASE STUDY: Walden University, Ads for Higher Ed – Katie Roberts
  16. Harnessing The Facebook Ad Power Editor – Ryan Cohn
  17. The Reach Generator, Social by Design – Lucy Jacobs
  18. After the Click, Optimizing Landing Apps – Maya Grinberg
  19. CASE STUDY: Case Mate and Southwest Airlines – Erika Brookes
  20. CASE STUDY: Harlem Globetrotters – Angela Leaney
  21. Campaign Optimization for Premium Results – Randall Lloyd
  22. Understanding Facebook Ad Analytics – Nate Riggs